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Stomp Models Tips to Be a Successful Actor or Model

Do you have goals of fame and fortune as a model or actor? You'll need an agent to convert those goals into reality. With the growth of reality television shows like "Indian Idol" and "The starlet," more ambitious actors and models are looking for a big break that only a super star agent can offer. Armed with the appropriate information, you can get around the dangerous rich waters of the acting and modeling world.
Although you need a certain look to be a model, looks alone aren't enough to get you into the business. Modeling isn't just about elegance and charm. To be effective actors or models you need brains, a fit body and the right mind-set. Character is as much an aspect of being a model as its being attractive. Professionalism, reliability and professional demeanor also matter a lot.
Modeling VS Acting
Modeling has and will for the most aspect be about looking wonderful. You should look your best on your comp cards and if you express attraction that's all the better. Modeling is sometimes just about the outfits you are dressed in. With regards to colors, understanding what colors look excellent on you is essential.
Acting should be known as reacting because essentially that is what you are doing. It includes telling a story and the actors' feelings come to life. Looks are not as important as it is in modeling. Many models make the move into acting after creating a name for them. Anyone aspiring to get into either market should go the acting path first as many individuals want to model which is more complicated to get into originally.
How to get into modeling industry?
Understand all you can about the modeling market. Not all models are high-fashion or runway models. Discover your market and concentrate your time and effort on that. There are specialized models, plus-size models, petite-models, hand models and catalogue models to name a few. Some of these kinds of modeling assignments provide frequent and profitable pay.
Join a modeling school. The costs can vary from several hundred to thousands of dollars. Although you do not have to be present at a modeling school to start a modeling profession, a modeling school can educate you on how to dress, how to do your make up and your walk. You will also learn self-confidence, physical fitness and health and nourishment tips.
Stomp Models suggests sending your pictures to modeling agents or taking them along to discussions. Choose pictures where you look natural as an actor or model and not posed. Agents look for natural beauty. Choose pictures where your character stands out. The photos should consist of a headshot and one complete body shoot. Two or three extra color pictures should do to start. Consider using a regional wedding expert photographer for your headshots.
Do’s and Don’ts
Once you have landed your first job, make sure that you are ready for the job. This will ensure that your first job as a movie extra is not your last one. Here are a Stomp Models few tips to make your job go smoothly:
Arrive on time.
Pay attention and follow directions.
Find your contact person immediately. This may be the assistant director, the extras casting director or some other contact person.
Remember, this is a job. Do not bring your friends, pets or a camera.
Follow all wardrobe instructions and requirements. This may mean wearing your own clothes and bringing extra clothes.
Bring a book, crossword puzzle or something quiet to occupy your time during long waiting periods.
Bring a jacket and a pair of comfortable shoes to wear when not on set.
Stomp Models is a unique place where you can find the profiles of lots of professional models and actors. And if you are an actor or a model, you can post your profile here for free. You can also find modeling agents and promoters.
Stomp Models was established in 2010 by Daniel Rolph and has since earned a reputation as one of the UK’s most highly respected Casting Companies. The company has clients ranging from small high street retailers to the BBC, and their members have access to the wide range of jobs that they have advertised. The company represents models, actors and dancers for high profile bookings throughout the UK, Europe, America, and Australia.
Name: Amy Burton
Organization: Stomp Models, Inc.
Phone: 02102659184


Post by stompmodels (2015-11-21 07:13)

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